Thursday, April 21, 2005

What? Not again.

Yes, once again, the American Idol results show has concluded without creepy domestic-abuser Scott getting the boot. Who exactly is the contingent that keeps voting for him? It can't all be his mom's doing. (Mind you, at least two of the songs he has sung were chosen by his mother. Norman Bates, anyone?) He's made it to the top six, and I just don't know why. Can anyone explain?

If only Anwar had worn more authentic, 1970s, Earth, Wind & Fire, bright orange clothes, he might have pulled it off. Instead, he and his dreads return home this week.

I gotta switch to Fear Factor or something. Idol is bugging me.


Anonymous said...

I think Simon had it exactly right last night when he said that people are voting for Scott because he represents the average Joe. He makes people think, "I could do this next year." If an ugly, domestic-abusing, blithering idiot like him can make it this far, then anyone can, right?

As I mentioned in my response to your comment on my blog -- I think Anwar is the last of those who were excellent singers but who didn't have a strong following. So now we have good singers with a following vs. bad singers with a following, and I *think* the bad ones will lose out. I predict that Anthony leaves next week, and Scary Scott either one or two weeks later.

Feral Mom said...

Hmmm. Anwar, Nikko, and Nadia all gone? Have ANY white boys been voted off yet?

Maybe this season is evidence of the backlash against Ruben beating out Clay, and Fantasia winning the following year. There are probably A LOT of (racist) people out there who want to see a white guy win no matter what. How else do you explain Scott Savol? And (shudder) Constantine?

Too bad we can't splice Idol and Fear Factor and make Scott Savol eat a bunch of cockroaches or something.

Anyway, Bo (like Jesus) is just all right with me, and Vonzell is lovely. I'm starting to get nervous, though. Very nervous.