Friday, April 15, 2005


When I read getupgrrl's latest post, I actually did laugh out loud. (Full disclosure: I did not roll on the floor, and my ass is, unfortunately, not off.)

The background for this post is that grrl finds this guy at her yoga class to be especially irritating (he's one of those "I am more enlightened than you" types), and her readers have been eagerly awaiting her counterattack for a couple weeks. So go read all about it, and leave grrl as many "lol" comments as you want.


flea said...

Hee! That post made me so happy. I wish I could do stuff like that, but I always chicken out.

thenutfantastic said...

Hah, I hardly ever think of clever things to say until after they happen. Rarely do they come unless I've had plenty of time to think.

The Un-Apologetic Atheist said...

Nut - that's why I like the 'net... that 30-second delay on coming up with the perfect reply that kills you in real life simply doesn't matter online. I'm pretty sharp-witted in reality... just not as skilled as that Getupgrrl.