Thursday, April 28, 2005

Welcome, troll

A new troll stopped by last night. A Google search on Ayelet Waldman led it to my April 20 post, where it proceeded to unveil "the real Ayelet." Did you know Ayelet wants her son to be gay? Gasp! The horror! (I guess the troll didn't see my April 25 post on that subject.)

And apparently she is only writing to get attention. (Hello? What am I doing with this blog?)

The troll also lists a suicide attempt. (Do you know anyone who holds that against someone? Goodness gracious. How unkind.) And bipolar disorder. (Let's stigmatize for more than just depression!) And Waldman's late-term abortion. (See the discussion at Bitch Ph.D. concerning not judging a woman's decision, regardless of whether we'd have made the same choice.)


Psycho Kitty said...

Isn't it amazing how events and statements are totally reinterpreted by different people according to their ability/willingness (or in trolls' cases, lack of ability/willingness) to be compassionate?

Sergei C. said...

A latent troll at that. There ought to be rule about commenting on old posts, or they ought to come to your most recent post and declare their trollish intent. But then I suppose being forthright isn't that type's style, is it?

bitchphd said...

Ayelet is the winner of the Bad Mother Prize this month. Good for her!

You and I better get crackin' so we can compete in May.