Friday, April 08, 2005

More pope! I can't stop myself.

What's better than a secondary source? How about tertiary? Or quaternary (if that's the correct way to use the word)? Eric Zorn extracts some hilarity from the CJR Daily (the Columbia Journalism Review's blog), which has studied the media reports on the pope's death and awarded the MIPSY prize for the Most Inane Pope Story.

One of the honorable mentions went to the Washington Post's web site for this fantastic headline: "For Vatican Press Corps, Pontiff Remembered as the Human Pope." (It's not clear whether the other popes are recalled as aliens, lesser primates, cyborgs, or what.)

Head over to Zorn's page or the CJR Daily for more MIPSY fun.

1 comment:

CarpeDM said...

I'm thinking they were cyborgs, myself.

My personal theory for all of the coverage is that they've been waiting for him to leap up and say "April Fool's." It's a little late now, though.