Monday, April 18, 2005

Priorities, people!

I was just sacked out on the couch, watching Oprah, enjoying laryngitis, and waiting for Ben to wake up (or, more accurately, hoping he'll sleep as late as possible). Oprah's first guest was Jon Stewart, and would you believe ABC News cut in to show a procession of cardinals? What the hell? The cardinals have not elected a pope yet. They are merely walking single-file in red hats and gowns. (An aside: Will US magazine do a post-conclave pictorial of conclave fashion hits and misses?)

And I was TiVoing this meeting of the minds, too. I just don't see why ABC News couldn't have waited until Jon's segment was over, preempting Cameron Diaz instead. Grr.


Sergei C. said...

One of the clips I saw this morning had computer-generated Cardinals proceeding into the Sistine Chapel. Apparently mere words cannot do justice to the concept of a couple of hundred old guys in funny hats walking in a line.

Orange said...

Of course, here in the land of Oprah, her show is rerun in late night, and presumably the cards (can we call 'em that?) will be asleep at that point so I can watch Oprah and Jon without interruption.

Piece of Work said...

I for one and tired of all the hand-wringing and general goblety gook about the pope, as I am not Catholic and don't understand the concept of a pope. This must be how Jews feel around Christmas time.
I do however understand the concept of Oprah--and of praying for longer naps.

E.W.Reed said...

The media is certainly making a circus out of this thing. Goes to show that the news outlets have nothing to report anywhere else. Pope + Jacko, Pope + Jacko...that's all we hear about.

thenutfantastic said...

Heh, since about age 4 Peanut would not take naps for me on the weekends anymore. He'd take them as school, but not with me. I really miss those times ja know?

As for the Pope, I seconde pow's comment. All this crazy stuff with the white smoke turning to black, etc. Who cares, really? But that question answers itself bc then we wouldn't be seeing the white smoke turning to black on the Today show is nobody cared.

thenutfantastic said...

damn, typo's galore in a 30 sec post:

as school = at school
seconde = second
is nobody = if nobody

What can I say, proofreading isn't my strongest.

Orange said...

What's with everyone thinking the kid was napping? Oprah's on at 9 a.m. in her hometown, so he hadn't gotten up for the day yet.

What's really awesome is that he usually naps in the very late afternoon, too. We're talking roughly 5:30 to 7:30 pm. Then he's up for a few hours and goes to bed the same time we do. The schedule will change when he has full-day kindergartenm but for now, I WILL NOT BE DENIED THAT NAP.

thenutfantastic said...

Ahhh, bc for those of us on the East Coast, Oprah does not come on 'til 5pm. That's where I was getting the napping thing from. My bad.