Friday, April 08, 2005

The Rule of Law

The New York Times reports that the Vatican has named Cardinal Bernard Law, who presided over the Boston archdiocese throughout the sex-abuse scandal, one of nine prelates who will preside over the pope's funeral.

Two years ago, the Times reports, "Cardinal Law resigned after a judge decided to unseal court records that included a letter from the cardinal commending priests even though he knew they had been accused at one time of abusing children." Despite all that, the Vatican thought he was a heck of a guy and gave him a cushy position in Rome—and now, the international spotlight in the pope's funeral. I'll bet Law feels quite chastened over the whole covering-up-for-molesters thing, huh?

Clearly the Vatican needs a better public-relations manager. And—what the hell—maybe some better overall policies while they're at it.

P.S. "Pope" is a funny word. Try saying it five or six times in a row.


Sergei C. said...

I caught the end of the funeral this morning on CNN. The coverage was weird in that they kep showing closeups of women in the crowd, but from a distance you could see that the first several hundred yards of crowd was priests.

thenutfantastic said...

Yeah, I dubbed this morning as Popevision (instead of television). I got to see the interview conducted by Peter Jennings with Bill Clinton on the Pope in between their funeral coverage. Then there is the Camilla and Prince Charles wedding thing that keeps pushing itself into all this Pope stuff, too.

So the Vatican isn't much different than our own president with the people he picks. Now we really do have something in common with Catholics.

Orange said...

All I saw this morning was TiVoed SpongeBob. 'Round these parts, it's SpongeBob who is our holy father.