Friday, April 29, 2005

Join the fight against ovarian cancer

Back on March 24, I wrote a post about ovarian cancer. A woman known as cancerbaby left an informative comment, which led me to start reading her blog, Cancer, Baby. She's an amazing writer, almost poetic, and darkly funny. I was so excited to read the good news in her post on Monday: she and her husband were looking forward to becoming parents now that their adoption application had been approved.

Sadly, cancerbaby reported today that her ovarian cancer has returned. This means more difficult treatment is in store, and it means adoption cannot proceed. I'm not quite sure which is more heartbreaking.

I've added a link to the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition's donations page to the sidebar at the right. Please donate what you can, and talk it up so that other folks will also donate. If you're partial to other worthy ovarian-cancer organizations, send me the links and I'll add them to the sidebar.

Send your good thoughts out into the universe for cancerbaby. And please, reread my March 24 post to familiarize yourself with the early symptoms of ovarian cancer.

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