Friday, August 26, 2005

Three good things

1. Having a 5-year-old kid who likes to cuddle and giggle, and who thrives on hugs and kisses. I know the time will come when he pushes Mommy away and can't bear the embarrassment of displays of maternal affection. But for now, I've got a kid who dispenses bonus hugs when he's dropped off at day camp. The hug, followed by the bear hug, followed by racing into the hall after me for a bonus hug. Sure, he drives me nuts plenty of the time, but he's sweet and funny, and he adores his mom. I hardly deserve him.

2. Peapod groceries, ordered online and delivered up the front stairs. I've been going stir-crazy all week, stuck home with a kid doubling as a viral reservoir (he's largely recovered now) and running out of provisions. Burly Peapod driver to the rescue! I now have all the Diet Coke (my caffeine source of choice) and Leinenkugel's Red Lager (currently my favorite domestic brew) I need. Oberweis chocolate ice cream, locally made (we'll forget the company's owner is an anti-immigration wannabe politician who fizzled in the primaries and enjoy the creamy goodness). Not to mention...

3. Chips. The variety pack with teeny bags of all the finest crap. You've got your Cheetos, your Fritos, your Doritos, and two kinds of potato chips. Yes, you pay a lot more for the variety pack. But there are advantages. First, variety! No need to get burned out on potato chips. Have a dalliance with Cheetos. Second, teeny bags! Small enough to enjoy some crap without overindulging, and no risk of eating half of a giant bag in one sitting. Third, multi-chipping! You open a bag of Fritos, the kid has some Cheetos, and you can share.

First the five freebies, now the three good things. What should I list four of?

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Delia Christina said...

ohh, peapod. i miss that.
remember that online delivery service, kozmo (or something like that)? the guys on little scooters who'd bring you dvds, cigs or pizza.

i loved them.