Monday, August 22, 2005

Sweet Home Chibloggo

Bitch Ph.D. came to town for some last hurrahs before the fall semester and set up a lunch party for her local homegirls. She and Flea motored in from Suburban Heck to join Sarah from Chicago, Sarah's pal Roni, Screed's Ding, and me at a Mexican restaurant, where the margaritas flowed freely in many flavors and in ginormous glasses. The conversation also flowed as we chatted about the usual: the blog world, children who like to run about the house in a state of déshabillé, bloggers, crazy mothers (the previous generation, of course, not us, for heaven's sake), race relations, blogs, how delighted we are to see our boys heading off to kindergarten, our neighborhoods, the shoddy quality of American kiwi fruit, and whatnot. And, of course, blogs. Then we walked to the El (undoubtedly looking very "Reservoir Dogs" gone femme) and took the train to shop on Southport, where we did not purchase any shoes or bras.

That's the great thing about blogging, isn't it? Like-minded people can get acquainted through one another's writings, and then when you actually meet for the first time, you're old friends already. None of that awkward-silence nonsense. It's been the same experience when I've gotten together with the Feral Mom and JT. I hope all of you participating in the blog party get the chance to meet up with your tribe, too.


fireangel said...

I miss the Windy the City. Perhaps when I come for a visit in September, I might meet some of you gals!
So lovely!

Delia Christina said...

making blog friends is like online dating - but less icky and 'last tango in paris.'

margaritas again soon!

Orange said...

Aptly phrased, ding! No butter. Man, I saw "Last Tango" when I was too young, and it put me off butter for years. Nothing but a hangover could put me off margaritas, though.