Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Hey, I did it!

I passed the 10,000-visit mark (that's since I installed Site Meter, which was I-don't-know-when) this morning, thanks in no small part to today's influx of spambots. Thank you, spambots!

(We won't discuss the fact that Bitch Ph.D. could hit that mark every 48 hours. The few, the proud, the Orange Tangerine readers. An elite group.)


Charlie said...

Congratulations!!! No doubt all those hits from Slate pushed you over, huh? ;-)

JT said...

Woo hooo!
Hey, when were you linked from Slate?

Orange said...

Oh, I forgot I didn't post about that—I just e-mailed some friends. Slate linked to me on 8/21 in their daily blog round-up, in the section about the promising treatment for burn victims. The best part? I counted up...eight hits from Slate. Eight! Not 1,000, not 100, not even 10. Sigh.