Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Rod Blagojevich may have a lousy rep

...but he sure knows how to suck up to women voters in Illinois. Gov. Rod already issued an executive order that pharmacists can't come between women and birth control pills or emergency contraception. And today, he's signed legislation to allow any nursing mother to skip jury duty if she wants to. Illinois also has a law, passed last year, that nursing mothers can't be asked to leave someplace just because they're breastfeeding. It sure is nice to have a Democratic-controlled state legislature and a Democratic governor who will have to fight for reelection.

They say women will vote for him because he has great hair; I say the hairdo is cheesy and Rod looks like a local newscaster from the late '80s. I'll vote for him if his stance on women's issues and everything else I hold dear is better than the other candidates' stances (which was the case when he first ran for governor). Though if he had a gruesome combover, it would be a lot harder to cast a vote for him, because we girls are shallow creatures.

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