Sunday, August 14, 2005

Approaching a milestone

Hey, Orange Tangerine is about a week away from hitting the 10,000-hit mark! (Um, that's cumulative. You people who get 2,000+ hits a day can just go bask in your fame and stew in your own juices.) While we do not have any door prizes to offer, we are excited here in Tangerine Land. I'd love to offer the 10,000th customer a free shopping spree here at the store, but there is no store here.

My birthday is nigh upon us as well (in a mere two days!). I will be delighted to accept your gracious birthday wishes. Fortunately, this birthday is not a milestone year, and I don't really want to think about that next milestone birthday. (Gifts optional.)


Anonymous said...

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Orange said...

Hey, a broken spam comment! It has no links! It's like an early birthday present...

Charlie said...

What happened to the blogroll?

Orange said...

It looks fine to me. I just deleted that post with the oversized graphic showing what kind of funny I like, as the graphic was covering up the blogroll and seemed to usher in the pesky era of spamments. If you refresh, does the blogroll return?

Charlie said...

The blogroll is back. That's weird, because I saw no post about the funny, and no About Me, Fight Ovarian Cancer, or Blogs I Read sections. But they're all back now.

Did I happen to say congratulations on the almost 10,000 visitors? I didn't. Congratulations, that's big. It's nice to be known, isn't it?