Friday, August 19, 2005

Happy Birthday, Mister President

(Picture me doing my very best Marilyn Monroe impression.)

Yes, today is Bill Clinton's 59th birthday. "How best to celebrate the occasion?" I asked Fireangel of Ms. AngelPants. She had a few suggestions: "I think it would be appropriate to smoke a cigar if you like cigars. Or, you can make a purchase at the Gap—get a dress, not a skirt. How about spending the day getting primped? Maybe you can order a Monica Lewinsky purse online. Here's an idea that the whole family can participate in—a trip to McDonald's in your jogging outfit."

I'm all for shopping, primping, and eating food I don't have to prepare myself. But I'll have to pass on the cigar.

How might one mark Dubya's birthday? Let's see. We could all get together (on the early side—bedtime is at 9:00) and enjoy a bowl of pretzels. Maybe go for a bike ride and try not to crash. Cover our ears and go "LA LA LA LA LA I CAN'T HEAR YOU" for eight years. How about a petulant pouting session? That's always fun as a group activity. And then there could be reminiscing about the wild ol' days of decadence. Then we'll all concoct crazy nicknames for each other, and they'll feel just a little...hurtful.

Happy Birthday, Bill!

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Mona Buonanotte said...

Sergei and I attended a fundraiser in Detroit a few years ago where Bill Clinton spoke. Man, he is one sexy mutha! Damn fine speaker, too. Well-loved by all da ladies!