Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Yes He Can

Yesterday evening, Ben said, "I want to be the president." (He's got another 27 years before he's old enough to be eligible, of course.)

I replied, "Hey, you could be the country's first Asian president."

He thought that would be pretty cool. "I could be in history!"

He could also be the country's second biracial president.

He could also fail to make any sort of history, because in the next 27 years, who knows? Maybe we'll have our first Asian-American president before Ben's ready. Or another mixed-race one, or another African-American, or a woman, or a Latino/a. Maybe my kid will be yet another in a string of leaders who represent the full diversity of this great land of ours.

If Obama wins today, suddenly the field is wide open for every child in America to aspire to amazing things.

1 comment:

S said...

Maybe he can be our first MALE Asian president! :)