Saturday, November 01, 2008

Snapshots from Halloween

At one huge new house in a city neighborhood full of old houses, it took a while for anyone to come to the door. Finally, a middle-aged couple opened the door. He looked like an attorney, in a crisp gray suit. She wore a white apron over her clothes. They gave the kids their candy, and when the kids headed towards the next house, the distinguished gentleman turned away from the doorway—revealing that the back of his suit was cut out and there was sort of a fishnet-over-bra look to his back and bum. My, my!


Ben needed some protein on the way home after hours of trick-or-treating, so we headed to McDonald's. We placed our order, but then it took forever for the drive-thru line to move forward. We figured a slew of Halloween revelers on foot had packed the restaurant and slowed service to a crawl. And then—a guy sort of dressed like Ronald McDonald whizzed towards our car. Just a natural redhead, no orange 'fro. Big red shoes, red and yellow outfit? I think there were roller skates beneath the shoes, or maybe they sell Heely shoes for grown-ups. So anyway, faux Ronald McDonald comes whooshing towards us, hand outstretched, offering...a hamburger. Just the thing for a long wait at the drive-thru!

Then the line moves forward and we reach the payment window. No, that guy doesn't work for McDonald's. He just came in and ordered 40 hamburgers, which accounted for the long wait.

$58 worth of burgers to hand out? That's commitment.


There's this one block that's closed to car traffic on Halloween. There's a plywood castle maze in the middle of the street for the kids to run through. Most of the houses are decorated for Halloween (not like my block). One house went all out—candy for the kids and a keg of beer for the adults. I could get used to that, man.

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Jay said...

Last night was so warm here that a number of people were sitting out on their porches or driveways with candy for the kids and wine or beer for themselves - but no one offered me a drink. Pfui.