Saturday, November 15, 2008


Well, I just got the rug pulled out from under me an hour ago, and a juicy job offer vanished into nothingness. I hadn't told too many people, so it wasn't hard to e-mail almost all of them with the disappointing news. So far, everyone has used a swear word in their reply e-mails. These are my peeps! So goddamned supportive. I love my peeps.

And then a couple minutes ago, FedEx delivered the new rug for my living room. It's like instant retail therapy, and with something super-cushy and thick and soft. This rug's so thick, we could lose Legos in the shag.

I think the sad rug still wins out over the shaggy rug, at least for this weekend.


Mignon said...

Aw damn. I'm sorry - retail therapy is what I would have recommended, so roll around in the good rug, I guess, and avoid sharp pokey toys.

Whoever didn't hire you is an ass!

Charlie said...

They also missed out on an excellent writer.

Feral Mom said...

Bunch of stanky 'taints, all of 'em. BTW, I am getting EW now and wanted to let you know how grateful I am.
Thank you thank you! (Real email to follow)

Narya said...

bummer, dude. I'd say don't be disheartened, but it's impossible not to be, a little. Here's hoping it turns around somehow. And enjoy the rug!
word ver: rexwardr

A said...

Terribly sorry about the job situation - the rug looks very cozy.

Sarahlynn said...