Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The GOP's nightmare

We attended the variety event of the season this morning: The third grade's multimedia spectacular, "Goin' Green." Ben's part was to portray a very knowledgeable guy in a PSA about carbon footprints. They filmed the PSA yesterday and showed it on the big screen this morning. Mr. Tangerine and I couldn't have been more proud—not only did Ben have more lines than the other three kids combined, but he memorized them all, spoke clearly, and didn't fidget at all during the taping. He's a star, baby.

The Republican nightmare part is the student population and their families. If everyone in the auditorium had gone to the Republican National Convention, it probably would have multiplied the non-white representation there by a factor of 100. Some of the girls and their moms wear traditional Muslim head coverings, and nobody gives anybody any guff about that. Every single kid either knows families who immigrated from other countries or is in such a family. And every single family lives in a big city. Nobody's holed up in a small town, hiding from the future or from diversity. The kids mix well, and know how to get along with people of all colors and backgrounds.

In other words, these kids are the antithesis of the image the Republican party put forth this year. They are the future of America.

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Anonymous said...

Your child, your event and your area sound awesome. I just stumbled upon your blog this evening, and am enjoying myself thus far.

Keep in mind that I'm not looking for a fight, nor a flame war and I'm no troll. But I love a good civil, spirited debate and something you said popped out at me so I have to ask:

People who live in small towns because they happen to like living in small towns are hiding from the future? Really?

Feel free to ignore me if you like. Again, I mean no malice.