Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Hey, Chicagoans! (Or anyone else.)

If you can spare a little money this time of year, click over to the Chicago Sun-Times Season of Sharing and request some "Dear Santa" letters.

Kids in the Chicago Public Schools whose student population is almost all low-income write "Dear Santa" letters to request a present. Season of Sharing sends these letters out to volunteers, who giggle at how impossibly sweet the letters are, shop for the desired loot, wrap up and label the gifts, and send them to the kid's school. Before winter break, each class will have a party and Santa or an elf will deliver a heap of gifts, one for every kid in the class.

Check your local post office, too. Oftentimes the post office will have a bin of "Dear Santa" letters that kids or families have mailed to the North Pole. (Sometimes the mail is diverted, I guess. Surely the blame lies with an unreceptive North Pole postal facility.) Volunteers can select a letter or three and work on fulfilling those requests to Santa.

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