Thursday, January 24, 2008

My culture

My kid's school is having a weekend multicultural fair for the community in a few months. Makes sense, as the students at this school come from families representing about 100 different countries.

The flier inquires, "Got talent? Want to share your culture?"

I'm thinking I'll do some white-person blogging, or maybe a demonstration of my crossword-solving prowess. Do you think my talents will make the cut for the show? These things are not specifically cultural, it is true, but I am so far removed from the cultures of my various ancestries. My last immigrant ancestor came over from Poland about 102 years ago, and there are kids or parents at the school who came from Poland far more recently than that. I tell you, this white/American privilege thing is a hassle.

Speaking of crosswords, the annual American Crossword Puzzle Tournament runs February 29 to March 2. Be there and be square! You can register here. (Dr. Igloo, I'm lookin' at you.) It's in Brooklyn, which should be fun (more fun than Stamford, Connecticut, anyway!). It's a little pricier than past years, but hey, you can spend your upcoming economic-stimulus tax rebate.

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Anonymous said...

Sadly, ACPT isn't going to happen for me this year either. :( Someday! Someday! Maybe after I get tenure? I'll have to watch the results trickle in and track your status, and get my thrills vicariously. And maybe even solve online in real-time!