Wednesday, January 09, 2008

The Manolo has taken note!

The Manolo, the world's leading shoe blogger, linked to my last post. I swooned briefly. I am not a shoe maven (unless you're talking about super-comfy shoes like Merrells and Naots), but the Manolo is super-fantastic.

Speaking of Merrell, they've discontinued the Primo Chill slide! What will keep my feet warm next winter? Sigh. Clearly, I should have bought more than two pairs last winter when I had the chance. I thought two was enough, but sadly, no.

Anyway, welcome, Manoloistas!


Anonymous said...

I may have mocked you in the past for your Primo Chill slide obsession, but then I got some for Christmas. They're warmer and more comfy than my Sorels. Hmph. (But how do you keep your heels from getting wet/snowy?)

Next year I'm shooting for replacement slides (you say they're discontinued, but they're all over the web), or these:


Anonymous said...

You introduced me to the Primo Chill slide, a pair of which I am wearing right now! (I have a pair for outdoor wear and a pair solely for indoor use — too cold here in the winter to go shoeless, even in the house, so I keep a set pristine so as not to crap up the floors.)

Oh, Paul's a convert, too. All hail Orange!

Now I am making plans to visit my local purveyor and snap up any and all remaining pairs. Thank you for the warning.

Orange said...

The Encore Chill Stitch may be a suitable substitute, but I'm gonna have to try it on in a store before I can buy any. I haven't checked stores for the Primo Chill, but online, all I could find was, say, tiny size 5 in green.

Mignon, when it's snowy, I wear the Primo Chill Massif boots (also discontinued, alas). Once the sidewalks have all been shoveled, I can wear the slides if it's not too frigid out.

Julie, I love that I am an influential shoe maven. Sarah Jessica Parker's character had her Manolo Blahniks, whereas I specialize big, ugly, awesomely comfy shoes.