Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Fruit salad

Ben knows that I'm Orange on the computer.

He asked, "Can I be Grape? I wanna be Grape."

Orange, Mr. Tangerine, and their mutant fruit hybrid, the Grape. I just don't think it's biologically possible for two citrus fruits to form a non-citrus hybrid. This, actually, was a topic of debate last week at pub trivia. The question was, "The ugli is a hybrid of the orange, tangerine, and what other fruit?" One of my teammates thought it had to be the pineapple. WTF? How would you cross a pineapple tree with a citrus tree? Someone else on the team suggested another non-citrus fruit. I, as the point person for all things citrus, knew it was the grapefruit. The tangelo is a tangerine/grapefruit cross. There may be a few other citrus hybrids. But pineapple? No. That'd be like mating a horse and a monkey.

So, maybe Ben can be Grape as short for Grapefruit, our bastard citrus offspring. At least inside my scientifically anal head, if nowhere else.

By the way, if you read this post's headline and started hearing the Wiggles, please smack yourself.


Jay said...

Consider myself smacked, because I thought "She can't be posting about the Wiggles; Ben is 8!"

Maman said...

Tell him he can be a kumquat!

Cricket said...

You had me giggling all the way through!

Perhaps my little son will want to be called "Grasshopper" one day.

thrice said...

Kumquat is a good choice. I guess a clementine is out of the question?

And now that I'm googling, tangor sounds possible. This is for Ben:

* Alemow, Colo, C. × macrophylla
* Amanatsu
* Bergamot orange C. × bergamia
* Bitter orange, Seville Orange
* Blood orange
* Buddha's hand, C. medica
* Calamondin (Calamansi)
* Cam sành, from Vietnam
* Citron Citrus medica
* Clementine
* Daidai, Seville, Sour Orange,Citrus aurantium
* Dekopon- hybrid between ChungGyun mandarins and Ponkan
* Desert Lime, Citrus glauca (syn. Eremocitrus glauca)
* Djeruk limau, C. × amblycarpa, Indonesia
* Finger Lime, Citrus australasica, (syn. Microcitrus australasica)
* Gajanimma, Carabao lime, C. × pennivesiculata
* Grapefruit, C. × paradisi
* Ichang Lemon Citrus × ichangensis
* Imperial lemon Citrus limon × Citrus × paradisi
* Iyokan
* Kabosu Citrus sphaerocarpa
* Kaffir lime Citrus × hystrix
* Key lime Citrus aurantifolia
* Kinnow
* Khasi pepeda, C. × latipes
* Kumquat - in the subgenus Fortunella, forms hybrids with other Citrus (see Citrofortunella)
* Lemon Citrus × limon
* Lime Citrus aurantifolia
* limetta, Sweet Lemon C. × limetta
* Limequat Citrus × Fortunella hybrids
* Mandarin Lime C. × limonia
* Mandarin Orange, Dancy
* Meyer Lemon
* Mikan
* Natsumikan, Japan, C. × natsudaidai
* Orange Citrus sinensis
* Orangelo: Chironja
* Orangequat
* Oroblanco
* Persian lime, Tahiti lime Citrus × latifolia
* Pomelo, Pummelo, Shaddock, Citrus grandis
* Ponderosa lemon
* Ponkan
* Rangpur, Lemanderin Citrus × limonia
* Rough Lemon C. × jambhiri
* Satsuma
* Shekwasha, Taiwan tangerine, Hirami lemon, C. × depressa
* Sudachi
* Sunki, Suenkat, C. × sunki
* Sweetie
* Sweet Lime, Sweet Lime, Central America, C. × limetta
* Tachibana Orange
* Tangelo: Minneola tangelo Ugli
* Tangerine Citrus reticulata
* Tangor C. × nobilis
* Ugli fruit
* Yuzu C. × junos

Tertia said...

'fruit salad, yummy yummy'

Smacking myself.

Orange said...

Ooh, Thrice, I want him to be Limequat Boy!

Mona Buonanotte said...

YES! I've finally outgrown the Wiggles songs! I was amazed I DIDN'T think of the colorful quartet!

Grape short for Grapefruit...I like it!

Trope said...

Pineapples don't even GROW on trees! They grow on these squat bushy things! What were they thinking??

I'm thrilled that there's pub trivia somewhere around here... The only source I knew of, up in Logan Square, discontinued trivia about a year ago. When the Bug is older and I can leave the house a little more, I'm totally going to stalk you for your trivia spot.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's more invasive information about fruit/citrus than I ever expected.

I did not think of the Wiggles because, thankfully, my youngest missed their allure by a few months. Phew!

Klynn said...

Ouch! Next time I must smack myself, please remind me to not be so enthusiastic. I have hardly ever even seen the Wiggles, and after just hearing that stupid song once or twice, it got stuck in my consciousness---get it out, get it out! Of course it's a wonderful way to torture my (now 15 year old) daughter.

The Absent Minded Housewife said...

I did NOT hear The Wiggles. I win!