Saturday, July 14, 2007

Coin purse

It's time to coin some new words. The other day, I used hotgry as the hot-and-cranky counterpart to hangry, which is hungry-angry. But hotgry doesn't flow. I need a solid adjective to describe the way I feel when, say, it's a little too warm out and a little too humid, I'm trying to get dressed and leave the house, and a sticky sweat is breaking out and making me unreasonably ornery. (Or maybe reasonably ornery.) I know some of you can relate to this feeling, so how about suggesting an adjective to dsecribe it?

My friend B. concocted the perfect noun form, Sweltschmerz. It's swelter + Schmerz, which is German for "pain." It rhymes beautifully with Weltschmerz, or world-weariness.

The other day, I saw the surname Mooncotch on a construction crane. It's not as if we need more words for the crotch, the ass, and points in between. But doesn't mooncotch sound like it pertains to all those? "I need some Monistat—my mooncotch is on fire!" "I rode my bike into a wall and smashed my mooncotch." "I can't believe how much sand I got in my mooncotch from going to the beach." "You know what a Brazilian is, don't you? They wax your whole mooncotch, stem to stern."


Anonymous said...

What is it with the funny construction crane brand names? I thought "putzmeister" was the all-time, but "mooncotch" is so evocative of summer lovin' in the back of a Vega listening to Kansas on the 8-track. If I remember correctly.

amusing said...

See, I have always hated the word 'pussy' and now you've given me 'mooncotch.' I thankye.

E. said...

Oh, brilliant. I love both sweltschmerz and mooncotch. (Especially since my mooncotch is soon to take a beating, if I'm lucky enough to deliver this second kid vaginally, like I did with my son. My entire mooncotch was swollen for weeks. Yowch!)

(But, Amusing, the way I understand it, mooncotch covers more than just the bit often referred to as the "pussy.")

Anonymous said...

How about 'heatrage'?

Anonymous said...

I am visiting from Gone Feral and really liking your blog. So. Calijado? (caliente = hot, enojado = angry) Or maybe it has to be English. Swangry?

Anonymous said...

Hey Guys,
Don't be so brutal with our name. All nine of us got reamed as kids for that name!

My sister and I loved what you did to this name. We were called as kids "mooncrotch!" Try living with that name!

Great sense of humor! Enjoyed reading the post. You have to admit with a name like that no one EVER forgets you!

Freda Mooncotch

Judi Mooncotch Jr.