Friday, July 27, 2007


I was delighted when I learned that Feral was coming to Chicago for this weekend's BlogHer conference. I looked through the course offerings for the conference, and spotted one session that was right up my alley—finding out how to port your blog to a hosted site, away from the teat of Blogger or TypePad. I'm thinking about doing that for one or both of my babies, so it looked practical.

I didn't register, though, because (a) there was still plenty of time, (b) I didn't get around to it, and (c) there were a zillion sessions that didn't call out to me. Then I decided that dammit, I was going to the conference! After browsing through the gynormous list of speakers on Monday evening, I went to the registration page...and discovered that I was eight minutes too late. Eight!

I wasn't sure if there'd be on-site registration and figured I'd mosey over on Saturday morning and see. Then I saw Tribune blogger Steve Johnson's post about BlogHer and learned that registration was reopened this morning. Woot! Now I'm officially signed up, and nobody can bar me from tomorrow's cocktail party.

So I'll be heading to the conference in the morning, learning some things, lunching with Feral, perhaps learning some unknown other things in the afternoon, and then mingling with bloggers known and unknown.

Perhaps I'll see some of you there. If you don't know what I look like or what my real name is, just, uh, home in on the most fabulous attendee and assume that's me.


The Absent Minded Housewife said...

You said gynormous and I instantly thought "labium".

Maman said...

I will have to look for you tomorrow... You look like a gynormous tangerine, right?

amusing said...

Plus you are a famous movie star. So people will e flocking to you for autographs.

Oh, or to have you sign their copy of your book.

Maybe the fan club will be waiting outside?!

Have fun!

Bobita said...

I am so happy that I was able to meet you! What fun! And, just think, we will always have that crazy-ass taxi driver to remind us of our time together in lovely Chi-town.

Hee hee.