Monday, February 27, 2006

Recipe contest!

Hey! My friend flea is having an Embarrassing Dinner contest. This arose out of flea's post about dishes made with assorted "cream of" soups—objectively terrifying foods that you love anyway for nostalgic reasons. Flea's grandmother specialized in Broccoli Casserole with cream of mushroom soup; mine made us grilled cheese sandwiches exclusively with Velveeta.

If you'd like to enter an Embarrassing Dinner recipe you love (rule #1: "It must be something you have actually prepared and eaten, that you love."), head over to flea's contest post and leave your recipe in the comments. Flea, JT, and I will be the judges who select the three best recipes, and within the next two weeks, we'll get together to cook those three dishes, attempt to eat them, and try to persuade our children (ages 6, 6, 5, 3, and 3—JT's baby is hereby excused since he's not big on solids yet) to taste them.

Fresh ingredients play little part in the truly Embarrassing Dinner (see rule #2). Rule #3 is no red meat; flea and I won't eat it. Feel free to substitute veggie/soy/tofu/turkey/chicken replacements for anything in the beef or pork family.

Oh! I suppose you want to know what the prize is. The grand prize is an informative videotape entitled Fuck Your Way to Fitness and a "mildly alarming" sex toy (flea is the proprietor of the Honeysuckle Shop, of course). The two runners-up will receive as-yet-undetermined prizes.

P.S. The submission deadline is March 7, so you still have time to dig up your favorite Embarrassing Dinner!


E. said...

Oh my fucking god. What a prize. At first I thought: "of course, my grandmother's peanut butter and bacon sandwiches." (With facon, since I don't eat red meat anymore, either.) But then I heard about the prize, and now I'm thinking I may have to give this a think to make sure I don't have something better stored away deep in my past. Of course, it's hard to top peanut butter and bacon sandwiches. Can we enter twice?

Of course, I have a feeling that if Feral Mom enters, I won't have a chance. (Then again, if she wins, I could probably talk her into showing me the video.)

Mona Buonanotte said...

Oh gawd,the competition! There's 117 entries over there! You're seriously gonna make each and every one of them? Hookay, see you in a few months!

Orange said...

No, no—we're picking the three most promising and cooking just those. Otherwise there would just be too much vomiting.

JT said...

I can't wait to see what Flea thinks is "mildly alarming."

Piece of Work said...

Hey--what's embarrasing about grilled Velveeta sandwiches??

Orange said...

I have great nostalgic fondness for grilled Velveeta sandwiches, and they're delightfully melty. However, it lasts how long on the shelf, unrefrigerated? Forever? Here are the ingredients:


I don't know about you, but sodium phosphate embarrasses me a little.

Kelly said...

Ok, that was really fun.

Thanks for dropping by my place and commenting today.

Itchy said...

I was going to do this...until I read some of the submissions. Made my pigs in blankets or chili on toast not seem so bad! :D

Anonymous said...

Okay, mea culpa: I just made an ass of myself over at One Good Thing by posting multiple recipes. Please extend my apologies to all the judges. But the Deadbeat's family of origin was all about quick and dirty food, and I found it difficult to stop myself.

(And hey, another thing? I know you won't get around to actually making these recipes for the contest, but at some point, you really should try Deadbeat's Mama's Chicken Pot Pie--the topping alone is delectable--and Deadbeat's Mama's Blueberry Dump Cake. They're really, really good, and there are easy and obvious ways to make them less life-threatening.)