Monday, February 27, 2006

South Dakota's abortion ban

I know I've been doing a terrible job (or at least a not-terrific job) of updating this here blog. I will try to do better (and funnier), honest.

Right now, I want to send you over to Charlie's post about the new abortion ban passed by the South Dakota legislature. Charlie lists some key points that are often overlooked, and provides links to other posts on this important topic.

South Dakota's abortion ban was designed to be appealed to the Supreme Court, where the antiabortion forces hope the ban will be upheld by the current batch of justices. (I'm so sorry that Sandra Day O'Connor's husband was ill—if only this voice of moderation could be immortal and surrounded by immortal loved ones, eh?) There are those who feel confident that the Supremes will be reasonable and knock down the ban, but we don't really know what Roberts and Alito will do yet. If they prove to be good little friends for Thomas and Scalia, we're in a heap of trouble in the years ahead.

If only Bush hadn't picked up that electoral edge in 2004—sigh.

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Mignon said...

I think the problem goes back to 2000. Can you imagine where we would be now had Gore won? No Iraq war, a less shitty Katrina response, a different Supreme Court, no ANWAR mess, etc. Something to daydream about.