Friday, February 03, 2006

"Mom, I love airplane food."

...or so Ben announced tonight. Now that actual airplane food is hard to come by when you fly coach, though, what Ben considers "airplane food" is the McDonalds food purchased in the terminal minutes before our boarding call.

I've been erratic, scattered, and focused elsewhere lately, which doesn't make for a compelling blog. I haven't even been keeping up with my usual schedule of obsessive blog reading. Will these doldrums pass? Has anyone suffered from this and emerged from it as the same time-wasting Internet-obsessed person they were pre-doldrums?

Which reminds me—I did a crossword puzzle the other day that taught me a new term: mouse potato, or the computer-junkie equivalent of a couch potato. (A friend suggested combining both potato forms by sitting on the couch with a laptop and the TV turned on. Brilliant! Must purchase iBook immediately.)

Plus I still haven't repaid the sleep debt I accumulated during the Sundance Film Festival. (And yes, the current medical opinion seems to be that one can and should try to catch up by somehow reclaiming one's missed sleep hours. I edit some sleep medicine review articles each year. Ask me about parasomnias sometime. People can do some truly weird shit when they're physiologically sound asleep.) I sit here before the bright monitor, just past 11:00 at night, yawning away, trying to catch up on my residual Internet debt ("I can stop any time I want") and thereby sacrificing any chance of catching up on sleep.

Will someone please tuck me in?


Cricket said...

Sounds like you have a big, fat case of Sundance hangover.

I am Queen of insomnia. Good sleep hygiene (what a funny term) is important, although I resort nightly to prescription meds instead.

However, not reading blogs late at night is actually good sleep hygiene. The monitor's light resets your internal clock, just as TV does.

Have you ever had seasonal affective issues before? I live in fear of Januarys, never knowing which year it'll strike again.

Mona Buonanotte said...

Before I tuck you in, you'll need to put on clean jammies and read a book with me, then find someone to cuddle with in bed, and then I'll turn the lights out and rub your forehead for a few minutes.


E. said...

Tuck, tuck.

Now, since Mona's already read you a book, it's time for you to tell us a story, a story about parasomnias.

What the hell are parasomnias and what weird shit do they do?

amusing said...

Pulled an allnighter and the computer ate my homework. So pulled another allnighter to fix it so I could hand the 20 page paper in the next am. Fell asleep that afternoon and was so out of it that when I woke, I didn't know who I was or where I was. Scary. Really scary.