Thursday, March 02, 2006

Today's anatomy lesson

Today's lesson in female anatomy comes from Susie Bright's post about the G-spot. G-spot factoid I did not know: "If you're rubbing it in the absence of arousal, NOTHING will happen. You will yawn." Get started first, then tend to the G-spot.

Susie links to the G-Spot Center, which offers facts, how to, positions, testimonials, toys, and other resources. If you are a woman or you ever plan to be intimate with one, you might do well to read up. But maybe not at work—there are NSFW illustrations that, while they might be educational for your boss, maybe you don't want to be caught looking at on the company dime.


JT said...

Thanks for the warning. While I do think my worklife would be much improved if my boss took a peek at that site, I might also get fired.

Mignon said...

Interesting models. I mean really. (and thanks for the education!)

E. said...

Thanks for the link to Susie. Ah, Susie bright. When I was in my twenties her books were so invaluable in helping me feel OK about having all kinds of unfeminist fantasies. Thank God for her straightforward, funny, useful, and party-line-eschewing sex writing.

My favorite line from this piece is: "Why, oh why,  won't women dig their clits the way most men dig their cocks?" If only. But the first step in digging your clit is getting to know it very very well. So important.

I haven't checked out the G-Spot Center yet, but I had a funny moment in my office on Tuesday with Bored Housewife's pert nips poking through her white blouse right there on my monitor when a colleague walked into my office to ask a question. I just tried to act casual and hoped he wouldn't notice. But if he had, I would've just given him her URL and let him figure it out for himself.

Kelly said...

Thank you. I feel very educated today!

And the pictures...interesting. Especially the strap on one. Yeah, I love to liberally throw around that phrase!

I'm not even supposed to be here today said...

I came here to see if you had the answer for 11-down...LOL!

Hope you enjoyed your weekend.Gotta go,I have a g-spot to find and stimulate!