Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Lofty aspirations

Ben's room. Last night, at bedtime.

Ben: When I'm a grown-up, I'm going to live here. I'm going to stay home with you, Mommy.
Me: You know, I might well be back at work when you're grown up.
Ben: Why?
Me: Because. It could happen.
Ben: Then I'll stay home and clean the house.
Me: You better believe you're gonna clean the house! When you're grown up, I'm not cleaning up after you.

Ben's room. Tonight, at bedtime. After recounting the above exchange to Mr. Tangerine (which cracked Ben up).

Ben: And I'm gonna play with my cars.
Mr. Tangerine (whispering to me): He'll line up all the cars in a row.
All: Uproarious laughter.

(The living room rug currently features 38 Hot Wheels/Matchbox cars in one row and nine in the next row. Ben insists that they not be disturbed.)


Mickle said...

kids sometimes do that at the bookstore I work at - they pull the stuffies off the shelves and line them up in random parts of the kids section

if only I could get them to line them up nicely in a row on the shelves ;)

JT said...

Jake is funny about the Hot Wheels, too. He sets up all the cars in a tight traffic jam and woe betide whoever moves them....

amusing said...

Yes! Mine does the same thing. In a row. But they are not parked. Nope. They are in a traffic jam. Are they practicing for their futures? Did kids in the 60s put their Hot Wheels in traffic jams or does this say somehting about modern times?

Boys and cars. Boys and trains. Things that move. What is it?

Anonymous said...

This must be a total boy thing, because my kid did that with his Hot Wheels, too. Long rows of cars parked side by side.

That is, when he was not holding elaborate contests with them for the best jumper, the best racer, etc.

thenutfantastic said...

Before Peanut was aeven 2 he was putting his cars in color order. He still does that, but now it's color and size order then the traffic jam starts. It's very interesting to watch.