Friday, October 03, 2008

What's your Achilles heel?

It's a simple enough question. I'd like to hear your answers.

What's my Achilles heel? I have demonstrated again and again that I am a speedy editor, and also, I'm going on a Caribbean cruise over Christmas.


Lisa said...

Hmmm...I would have to say dessert. I am constantly trying to destroy my own health and social life through my rampant refusal to eat less dessert.

P.S. Did you know that Chicago is the halfway point between Utah and Maine, so therefore I live no closer to you now than I did before? However...Chicago is in the same region of Cool as the East Coast, so somehow I FEEL closer to you. And now I sound like a stalker. Sweeeet. Also, my word verifcation is: chukq

Narya said...

Well, actually, Chicago is NOT in the same region of cool as the east coast (fashions sighted on the east coast will be sighted in Chicago 1 to 2 years later, for example), and there are multiple regions of cool on the east coast (and west coast, I assume, though I've never lived there). NYC is its own region, and then there're places like Scranton, PA, which are never going to be cool. Ever. Even if they can produce a decent VP candidate.

Narya said...

p.s. Do you like how I didn't answer the actual question? Does that mean I could be a VP candidate on the Republican ticket?

Mignon said...

Sooo... you're Achilles Heel is your penchant for non sequitur?