Wednesday, October 08, 2008


Visit Becky the Absent Minded Housewife for her eminently reasonable take on boobs.

Visit The Assimilated Negro for Kelly Tsai's spoken word piece about political candidates' shorthand of "black, white, whatever," with the inclusion sometimes of "purple, green, silver" but hardly ever "yellow, red, brown." The yellow, red, and brown folks are out here too, you know.

Watch Tim Wise discussing the origin of the concept of "the white race" and how it continues to serve a divide-and-conquer master. (Hat tip, Jay.)

From topical humor site 23/6 (less hard-working than 24/7), a comics version of last night's debate. I'll check back in a couple days for the next round of 23/6's debate-in-a-minute videos—they really encapsulate the memes and verbal tics of the candidates.

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The Absent Minded Housewife said...

You want to see my boobs, don'tcha?