Thursday, October 16, 2008

Why are 8-year-olds disenfranchised?

My 8-year-old son asked me this morning why he can't vote.

You know what? The vote should be extended to children who pay attention—and withheld from the folks who remain "undecided" less than three weeks before the election. Really? They still don't know which candidate is a better match for their values? The undecided crowd apparently has loose dirt inside their skulls in lieu of brains.

Ben has said, "We like Obama because of health care, right?" Damn straight, kid. Damn straight. Right there, he's identified one issue that points toward one candidate more than the other. If an 8-year-old can do it, what is wrong with these "independents"?


Mignon said...

I had this same conversation with Jim last night. First, like you say, who the hell hasn't decided? Second, what, at this point, will tip the scales? A tv ad? Another story about ACORN or cell towers on the McCain ranch? I seriously doubt the integrity of the democratic process if those are the people that decide who our president will be.

Charlie said...

I completely agree that kids should be allowed to vote. Quite some time ago, djw at the blog Lawyers, Guns, and Money made this point really well.

thenutfantastic said...

Hell I know Peanut would love to vote if only to push the buttons on the new cool electronic voting machines.

Orange (and everyone else), has your kid debated other classmates about politics? Peanut has come home with lots of stories like that which I find amazing and of course hilarious. It lets me know he's paying attention.

Mary said...

Hee! It's not like your eight year old could do a worse job than many of these voters. Back in the old days (of the 2004 election) when I thought it was a good idea for lots of people to vote, I totally forgot about the idiot sector of the country. And, wow, did they manage to come out to vote!

It does seem like McCain is even starting to get embarrassed by his wackjob supporters (a little late, of course, but it's something; I imagine he's thinking about strategies to make it easier later to work with President Obama).

Is it better to hope that these people who say they are undecided are lying, or that they are brain damaged - and that their vote counts as much as mine does?

Maybe I need to go lie down with some Halloween candy to console me until the election is over.

Charlie said...

My kid comes home with stories about political discussions. Unfortunately, he and his peers seem to approach it as though it's a football game. Actually, I suspect that's pretty much how they see it. "Our side won! Yay!"

Evan did attempt argue with a friend about Obama's tax policies and how they relate to the bailout. He had the details of both issues completely wrong, but on the bright side, so did his young opponent.