Monday, October 20, 2008

And the winner is...

Feral Mom!

Remember a month and a half ago when I offered a free Entertainment Weekly subscription to whoever wrote the funniest haiku asking for it? Her Ferality submitted this one:

I live in L.A.
I should read a newspaper
Please send one my way

It is important to keep up with one's local news, so this was a compelling argument.

I keep my EW copy in the bathroom, and it sees me through the week's pees, poops, tooth-brushings, and hair-dryings. Most of the content is in short, easily digested pieces, so the magazine makes perfect bathroom reading.

Don't think that I'm generous or anything. The renewal offer said "renew now and send a free gift subscription," so I thought I would make the magazine's renewal marketing staff feel good about themselves by opting for that offer.

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