Saturday, March 05, 2005

Though I prefer Nibs, Twizzlers have their use

Cherry Nibs are delicious little chewy nubbins. They kick the ass of all Twizzler-named products, even any that are bite-sized or cherry-flavored. O Nib! Rustic in form, the essence of simplicity. Not overwrought and twisty like that pretender to the red-licorice throne, the Twizzler. Nor ridiculous, like stringy licorice rope.

That said, I must give mad props to Twizzlers for helping me out today. Ben was so keen on getting to play in the McDonalds "tubes," he gathered up too much masticated McNugget in his mouth without swallowing. "Ew," you say. Exactly! So he puked on us (mostly on him, and the seat, and the floor—though somehow my glasses were spattered). Imagine my delight when the puke was reminiscent of the Twizzlers that had been contained in his stomach. Fruity and sweet, not putrid and vomitaceous. Thank you, Twizzlers!


Sergei C. said...

I think you've just found a new marketing campaign for them. Something like, "Taste great no matter what direction they're headed."

bitchphd said...

Ok. That is so.... gross.

PK did that recently too: overstuffed his greedy mouth with something and ended up puking on his plate. We were visiting the boyfriend, who is a gourmet cook. Imagine my feelings at that moment.

k said...

I love the "stuff your mouth and vomit" kid trick. That's a good one.

Ours will stuff his mouth full and then feign chewing by moving the jaw of his overstuffed mouth up and down.

Good to know about the Twizzlers. Thanks for the chuckle. :-)

Orange said...

Who knew? I'm glad to know my kid's not the only one.

Charlie said...

masticated McNugget in his mouthSuch a beautiful alliteration for such a vomit filled ending. I love it!

Since we're sharing gross stories about our kids puking (heh, that was what we were doing, right? Right?), here's mine.

My wife was fixing a ham dinner. The ham was cooking in the oven and it smelled heavenly. My son, who was a year old at the time, got sick and threw up for what I'm pretty sure was his first time on solid food. We felt bad for him, and my wife went to take care of him while I volunteered to clean up the vomit. (My wife may have had to nudge me, but you'll never get me to admit it.) Ham was apparently the order of the day: my son had eaten a meat lover's pizza.

Imagine the scene: scents of a delicious ham dinner wafting through the air, combining with putrid vomit stench, while I'm on my hands and knees cleaning up a pile of chunky ham-filled sick.

It was too much. Bright side? After I puked, I was able to finish cleaning up with nothing worse than dry heaves to hinder me.

Oh great One said...

*sniff sniff* That was beautiful!

Psycho Kitty said...

Oh yeah, the Boy used to do that a lot when he was 3. He's always been a good eater, and he's hyper, so as soon as he finished eating he runs around in wild circles. Full tummy+wild circles=little vomits everywhere.

And, I am favourably impressed with your ode to Nibs.