Friday, March 11, 2005

Things to do while I'm gone

My cherished readers, I am leaving. On a jet plane (Friday). I do know when I'll be back again (Sunday). Wish me luck at the crossword tournament! (Yes, I am a geek. This is not news to anyone.)

Whatever will you do all weekend without my wit and wisdom to entertain and edify you? I have several suggestions.

1. Watch more TV.
2. Read other blogs and say to yourself, "Wow, these folks have a lot more to offer than that Orange character."
3. Curl up on the couch under a blanket and weep softly until my return to the blogosphere.
4. Go shopping for a really cute spring wardrobe. For me. I'd especially like some tops, size large. Stay away from reds and yellows, and eschew Lycra. I could probably use some new shorts, too, but it's snowing right now so there's no hurry.
5. Find some small children to be irked by on my behalf, as I will be sans child for the weekend. Vomiting children a plus.
6. Have some Nibs, and pick up a pack for me while you're at it. My corner store doesn't carry Nibs.

Enjoy the weekend, and the Nibs!


Oh great One said...

You are so thoughtful! Thank you for finding other things to do while you are gone. I think I will try #3. Have fun and good luck!

Orange said...

Aren't you sweet?!? And I don't even know you, as far as I can tell. Bonus advice for weepers: Puffs are softer than Kleenex.

bitchphd said...

Have a great trip! Win! FWIW, I am really annoyed at PK right now!