Wednesday, March 16, 2005

My Favorite Mistake (not by Sheryl Crow)

One of the crossword tournament judges, Matt Gaffney, has written an article about his experience in the American Prospect.

He says the judges bantered about the incorrect entries they encountered while they were scoring the completed puzzles. My one mistake all weekend came in puzzle 1 (the first and easiest). And it gets a shout-out! I swear I didn't mean to write "TOWAWAY ZOTE." I had written "REPLAT" instead "REPLAN" for the clue "map out again," and I never noticed the evil T. (As much as I like seeing my name in print, I'm okay with not being mentioned by name in Matt's article.)

Fortunately, the mistake was of little import. I could've had a couple hundred more points, but I would have moved up only a few notches in the standings.


BabyPink said...

hi. i found your blog through tequila mockingbird's comment board.:)

i enjoyed reading what i've so far read. can i add you to my links?:)


Orange said...

Link away, babypink! I took a peek at your blog, and can I just say you've had the worst roommate experience I've ever heard? Yikes.

Pisser said...

Ooh, I've gotta go look at that. And I thought I had shit for luck with roommates... ;)

BabyPink said...

orange, thanks for dropping by.

she was okay before that night.:)