Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Ten Things I’ve Done That You Probably Haven’t

(My first blogger meme!)

1. Got a scholarship by winning a spelling bee.
2. Been pregnant for seven months but no longer.
3. Placed a latex glove filled with ice on my burning loins.
4. Edited a paper on biological weapons.
5. Snorkeled on Christmas Day.
6. Thrown up on someone else’s feet.
7. Found my (future) husband across the hall in my co-ed dorm.
8. Attended the American Crossword Puzzle Tournament.*
9. Heard pathologists make derogatory jokes about heart surgeons.
10. Seen a picture of a 47-pound scrotal tumor.

*Okay, I haven’t done this yet—but I’m going this weekend.


Oh great One said...

You're right. I haven't done those things. I didn't even know they had a crossword puzzle tournament!

Charlie said...

Okay, I've got to ask. What was the occasion for #3?

Orange said...

#3 ties into #2. One of the medications they give you for preeclampsia (which I developed right about the seventh month of pregnancy) is magnesium sulfate, which has a variety of insane side effects. Including a sensation of heat in places like the crotch and armpits. (Why? I have no idea. I should have asked.) A kind nurse offered up the glove, and of course my sister photographed it for posterity.

Charlie said...

Ugh. I'm not about to lie and say I wish I could share the burdens of pregnancy with my wife. The fact is, I thank Max that it's simply out of the question for me.

That being said, you still managed to make me laugh out loud at the thought of the photograph.