Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Learning to manipulate

Ben wanted my attention for an urgent Hot Wheels car issue (or something) while I was writing the last post. When calling out "Mommy" from across the room wasn't doing the trick, he switched to touching my shoulder and calling me "sweet Mommy" instead. Ooh, the boy can work it.

We had the "Who do you want to marry when you grow up?" chat last night. He was not much perplexed by the fact that both Mommy and Daddy are already taken, and their current spouses do not wish to give them up. He would marry us anyway (me more so than Daddy).

Why he doesn't want to marry Becky is the big mystery. He talks about her all the time, and she's a major presence in his daily life. Do you think it's because she's imaginary? I should tell him not to be an anti-imaginary-friend bigot who discriminates against Becky. And Cindy, and Cinderella. And his imaginary sister, Lizzie. (Though I don't want to encourage him to marry Lizzie. Too Flowers in the Attic.) None of the imaginaries are boys; I do wonder why.


bitchphd said...

Because your son is GAY.

Or maybe b/c you're a cool non-sexist mom and he thinks girls are cool.

Orange said...

The boy has a lovely blend of typical boy proclivities mixed in with his girlie stuff. He wants the Bratz party van or party pool, sure, but his real love is vehicular in nature (cars, trucks, trains, boats, planes, helicopters, space ships, etc.). That's why purses are so awesome: They hold more Hot Wheels than will fit in your pockets!

Gay vehiculophile? Man's man in touch with his feminine side? Whatever.

Psycho Kitty said...

My kids are going to marry each other and then go on a licking tour of the US. To which I say, whatever, dears, just bring Mummy back some good vodka.

Orange said...

You know, that little beyotch Becky isn't even a good influence. You should hear how Ben chastises her for walking through parking lots without holding a grown-up's hand. Maybe that naughty girl could bring me some beer?

thenutfantastic said...

peanut loves purses and any box/bag/tote big enough to carry his food around (or other treasures). I think it's so cute to watch.

He sees it the same way: they hold way more stuff than his pockets (when he's actually wearing something besides just underwear).