Friday, June 09, 2006


In just one week, the crossword documentary Wordplay opens in New York City, and a week later, on June 23, it opens nationwide. If you live in a major metropolitan area, keep an eye out for the movie because I guarantee that You Will Love It. Seriously. How could anyone not love this film? Tell you what: If you see this movie and you don't like it, I'll buy you a drink if we ever find ourselves in the same bar. And you could even order a schmancy-pants martini to make back the entire cost of your movie ticket.

Even Esquire magazine has jumped on the bandwagon, with a short feature about Wordplayon page 28. There's not much to read about it there, but there's a paragraph followed by an acrostic that will reveal one of my favorite quotes from the movie.

This may be the first time that I've seen the name of anyone I know personally in Esquire. Not just NYT puzzle editor Will Shortz, but also crossword constructor Merl Reagle (another of the documentary's "stars"), director Patrick Creadon, and (in the acrostic) documentarian Morgan Spurlock, whom I met at a Sundance shindig. I am feeling almost famous, I tell you!


I just got the scoop from Patrick (yes, the one mentioned Es-freaking-quire) about the release schedule

June 16 — NYC
June 23 — 45 cities (all the majors)
June 30 — 150 screens nationwide

And if you just can't wait until then, you can catch Will on David Letterman's Late Show on Monday, June 12.


Charlie said...

Obviously we will love it, that much goes without saying. But what if one of us is so amoral as to feign discontent with the film for the sole purpose of scoring a free drink, should we ever meet you? I'm, um, just asking.

Mona Buonanotte said...

Ooh, can I get your autograph before you become SUPER-FAMOUS?!?!

Cricket said...

I cannot wait! Wanna see the rack.

Will you sign my citrus?

Orange said...

Charlie, if you can live with such a breach of ethics, so can I.

Mona, what do you mean, "before"? Hasn't blogging already made me super-famous? No? Oh, pooh.

Cricket, keep an eye out for a lime-green top and a curtsy. I will sign your citrus, so long as it's not grapefruit or grapefruit hybrids. (I don't like those.)

DoctorMama said...

We'll be there with bells on.