Saturday, June 17, 2006

No head for business

Ben has excellent schmoozing skills and instinctively knows how to ingratiate himself to others. For example, he didn't flinch when a medical assistant at the pediatrician's office injected the PPD under his skin for a TB test (we couldn't get the waiver because he's visited my grandma in the nursing home, dangit)—instead, when the skin bubbled outward as the liquid was dispensed beneath his skin, he said, "Wow, cool!" And he's big on the "Oh, thank you!" shtick, too. So I've always said the kid may end up in politics or sales, because he can schmooze.

He'd make a terrible entrepreneur, however. Today, he made up a game with a car wash scenario. The car wash costs "$5.99 plus a dollar," which is fair. But when I asked him if his customers would get a price break on the wash if they bought a tank of gas, he informed me that the gas would be free. Now, any gas station offering a free fill-up with any wash would have a line about 10 miles long—but poor Proprietor Ben would go broke in a jiffy.

P.S. I am glad I live in an era and culture in which air conditioners are widely available. Because the heat and humidity, they do tend to make one cranky. And we can't have that, can we?

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Delia Christina said...

though i know it will eventually kill the world i love our dependency on air conditioning. i was particularly grateful after coming home from the Taste of Randolph festival on saturday and my body remained super-heated until i went to bed.

i didn't fall asleep until goosebumps had formed on my arms.