Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Are you afraid to walk home alone at night?

I reckon many of you read Bitch Ph.D.'s blog more often than you land on this page, so you may have already seen her post on women, men, and fear. Those of you who haven't, I urge you to read the post and the discussion in the comments. The subjects touched upon include wolf-whistles and catcalls; how late-night street crime affects men more, even though it's women who tend to be afraid to walk alone at night; the vulnerability that accompanies poverty; Take Back the Night; self defense and street smarts. Get yourself a beverage first, because you're in for a long and thought-provoking read.


Mona Buonanotte said...

Just once, I'd like to sit on a brick edifice and cat-call to the guys who walk by. I'm sure I'd look stupid, but then again, so do they.

smussyolay said...

i wish i knew you were in wordplay before i saw it.

as for men...i was at a bus stop the other night, on the phone, crying. at one point i put my head in my hands. the cars were coming and standing still waiting for the light to change the whole time.

all of a sudden i hear, "you're fucked up, bitch!" and i SO wanted to look up and say, "hey motherfucker, i haven't had a drink for 4 1/2 years. fuck off." but i didn't. what if they got meaner? what if they tried to beat me? what if they tried to drag me off and show me who was really in control?

so, i sat there head down and waited for them to leave. sometimes, i really hate guys. (i love them a lot, too.)