Thursday, July 21, 2005

Weird dream: It came from the '80s

Gotta love the inexplicable dreams!

The contractors on my condo were (inexplicably) Hall and Oates. They showed up to do a little work, carrying in sacks or plaster or cement, as I headed out for a walk, and told me they'd pay me as one of their laborers if I wanted to stick around and pitch in. I assured them that I so seldom get exercise, I really had to go for this walk. The guys were disappointed to see me leave.

I realized how ratty my striped sweater was and decided to toss it after I wore it this one final time.

Eventually my walk took me to a smallish city grocery store. Who should I run into there but my first college boyfriend! He had just had his picture taken with all the other people there who were wearing their hair spiked up (actor Zach Braff was in the photo, too). As I craned my neck upwards to look at the ex from '84, I observed that he must have grown at least three inches taller since we dated. "How tall are you these days?" I asked. 6'6", 6'7", he said. "What? I know you couldn't have been more than 6'3" when we went out." He demurred, claiming that he really was that tall back in the day. Thanking my lucky stars that I hadn't ended up married to him with a permanent crick in my neck, I took my leave and continued my walk.

And then I woke up. WTF? What was I doing wearing a sweater in tatters? It wasn't even, like, "Flashdance" tatters. Just...loose yarns sticking out like an angry cat had gotten hold of the sweaters.


Sass said...

i'll apologize now, because i hate pop psych as much as the next girl, but I can't resist, so maybe...
--tattered sweater=feeling exposed/self conscious, and unable to do anything about it, except for a bold change (deciding to toss it)
--your home, especially with the cement/foundation thing, is stability (and you're not fully participating in building it?)
--ex boyfriend has to do with the past not being all that you sometimes chalk it up to be?
Just a couple thoughts. I find that my dreams tend to be completely cryptic, or laden with overdone metaphors. Sometimes it's hard to tell them apart.

thenutfantastic said...

I usually dream about tornadoes (a lot) and water rushing in almost tidal wave style.

Having said this, I dreamed of zombies the other night. Not like I was running through a graveyard or anything, but I was running/hiding and they were chasing me, biting me and turning others into zombies as well.

So much like your 80s dream, I'm with you on the WTF thing.