Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Handy-dandy newspaper links

The maps at newseum.org let you click on a city and view the current day's front page of the city's newspaper(s). Almost all the U.S. papers seem to have Hurricane Dennis on the front page today, with most hyping the "slams ashore" aspect but a few pointing out things like "storm damage minimal." I have to say I've just lost a little respect for all the newspapers playing up the drama. What do they think they are—TV news?

The banner on the Maharashtra Herald's front page has teasers for show biz articles inside: Why Sharon Stone will never age! Meet the Housewives! Who knew "Desperate Housewives" was on in India? And Sharon Stone looks damn good, but I daresay her face has matured over the years. Compare her in Total Recall to now. I mean, really.

Newseum has 405 newspapers from 45 countries. Check it out.

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This is really cool.