Saturday, July 16, 2005

The biology behind men bugging the crap out of women

You know that thing where a man is blind to the messes he leaves around the house, and he is also deaf to the arguments against drinking out of the carton and putting it back in the fridge? The Lioness has written a scholarly treatise on this very topic. Ah, it is so true, you will laugh and you will cry. The Lioness has studied the male specimen closely, and we can learn from her.

For example: The Male is always on the lookout for predators. He cannot therefore be bothered to notice that clothes have dried and need to be folded and put away - or any other thing for the matter. It would be unnatural and perhaps even dangerous. The Female's safety must always come first. The Lioness knows all.

P.S. The Lioness blogs from Portugal. I have a warm spot in my heart for Portugal for a weird reason. I have a good friend whose dad wanted to separate himself from his family, so he changed the last letter of his surname from an S to an O; this totally throws off anyone who's trying to guess their national origin. The family joke was that when the U.S. census person came around, they'd put on a fake accent and say, "We are from Brazil. We speak Portuguese."

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Lioness said...

Glad we could help! ;)

Back to Harry Potter now, p. 175 and many more to go.