Friday, May 20, 2005

So, you like the potty talk?

If our discussion of hoverers has not slaked your thirst for potty talk, head over to Gone Feral to take Loretta's quiz, "Are You Feral Yet?" Darn it all, she's making us wait until after the weekend for the answers. Anyway, here's question 3:

3. Out for a drink at your local watering hole you suddenly realize you have to pee. Ducking into the ladies' room, you
a) Line the toilet seat with tissue, delicately perch there, and relax to the musical sound of your gently tinkling urine.
b) There's germs on that there seat! Hold your ass at least a foot above the toilet, and take your best aim.
c) Same as b, but instead of taking your best aim, gyrate while you whiz so that your pee gets all the Christ over everything.
d) Toilets are for pussies. Grab an empty pint glass, pee in it, and leave it on the back of the toilet seat for the next unsuspecting, thirsty customer.

Quit making me laugh out loud, Loretta. It's hard to explain these things to my son when he wants to know what's so funny.


Sergei C. said...

Orange!(You know, when I say that out loud as your moniker I always say it with an outrageous French acccent) While this recent urination string is a hoot for all, you should check out Mona's post today - it's rather puzzling . . .

Orange said...

Sank you, Sergei. I have enzhoyed the post of Mona.