Saturday, May 14, 2005

Hello, feckless searchers!

Was that you who Googled "cuntal" and found your way to this site? Wow, you must've been disappointed to see I was only mentioning a license plate that read KUNTAL.

Or were you trying to find out where John Oates resides, and all you learned is that I saw him on American Idol?

Or were you the German person who Googled (or, perhaps, begoogelt) "heyday of space travel," only to find out that the new rendition of Space Food Sticks really suck?

If you were the one searching for "get a brazillian wax in utah," I hope your other hits were more helpful. I have never had a Brazilian wax in Utah.

Similarly, this really isn't the place to track down the dirt on "hockey ice feints" or "gack in stores."

But thanks for stopping by, and come back soon!


Sass said...

I promise that I didn't google "cuntal"...although I wish I did, now that you mention it.

suzinalexa said...

Oh, now I *really* have to get me one of those counter/search logger thingies. Any advice on how/where?

Because as many times as I use the term "cocksucker" I just HAVE to have some goodies in there!

Orange said...

Suzinalexa, try The basic counter is free, and you can find out what other sites have sent people your way. If you want access to the search terms that have enticed people, you'll have to pony up some money (I think it's $6.95/month for low-traffic blogs).

Cecil B. said...

When I click on referrals, I get to see the folks that googled me for weird things, like obese goldfish. So I don't think you have to pay for it to see what they searched for. Just follow the link. If that makes sense...