Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Goodness, where has the time gone?

I haven't posted in days. Do you forgive me, O Internets?

I'm watching American Idol now and enjoying the lack of crappy singers left in the competition. (Though the crappy people who have been voted off will be singing together in the mall tour this summer. No need for that, no need.) So far, I've seen the first round, and agree with Simon that Bo's performance was the best. He made my scalp tingle more than the others, and that is my primary technical criterion for judging the merits of a vocal performance. (Is it bad that my little boy's singing gave me a scalp tingle the other day? 'Cause he's really not quite Idol caliber yet. Calls my whole system into doubt.)

Anyway, why have I forsaken you of late? Well, this afternoon, I was working on constructing a crossword puzzle, in a joint venture with one of my friends from the crossword world. He actually knows what he's doing, so maybe this will go somewhere. With a little luck and work, my friend and I may be splitting a generous paycheck of a whole hundred bucks.

What else have I been doing? Good question. I'm glad I asked that. Some blogworld reading, a touch of magazine reading (that New Yorker article about the Mongols is fascinating. What's more heinous than a Mongol horde?). Catching up on Lost and starting to get caught up on Desperate Housewives. Laundry, always laundry. And a little playing outside with the kid. I introduced hopscotch today! Man, I totally forgot how to play hopscotch. Good thing our neighbor came along to instruct us.

Ben told me he loves Halloween, so I asked what he wanted to dress up as this October. (He wore the Spider-Man muscle suit last year.) His top choice is dress-up stuff from school—the skirt and the purple hat with a flower on it. Yeah, that's right: My son essentially wants to be a church lady for Halloween.

Last but not least, raise your glass of orange juice and give a welcome toast to our new batch of commenters! Stick around. We'll have fun.

P.S. Esquire magazine mentioned, which is exactly what it sounds like. Pictures. Of erections. Now, I'm not making that a link, but I bet you're at least a little curious. Curious enough to copy and paste into the address bar of your browser?


Charlie said...

Well Orange, you should know know after my link to Ann Coulter porn that erection photos aren't about to scare me off. Indeed, after you built it up as a challenge, how could I resist? And so I visited, and I came across this page (which I will type but will follow your lead of not linking to directly):

It is about a guy who came to terms with his small penis, and while part of me wanted to cheer him on as a great and much needed inspirational story, I kept coming across stuff like this:

Steve Reeves (Superman) also in a wheel chair helps handicapped people.

"Steve Reeves"? Are you serious? And then, my favorite:

Second, if that is all that a person has to do in life then I feel sorry for Him.

If I'm not much mistaken, he's saying Jesus had a small penis. That is too damn funny.

thenutfantastic said...

My dad taught Peanut how to play hopscotch one afternoon not that long ago. How's that for interesting? I was amazed bc my dad knew how to play it better than I did.

Peanut asked for a purse while at JCPenney this afternoon. He wants it to carry his gameboy and army people in. How can I resist, esp when there is a big sale on 'em?

And send some of those commenters my way!! Or readers at least...I like having an audience.

And yes, I'm curious about the erections page so I'm gonna go see now....good luck on the puzzle!!

Feral Mom said...

Grandma is visiting, so I don't dare look at erection photos just yet.
It's never too early to start thinking Halloween...I always find myself scrambling the week before. So good for Ben! The girls were pumpkins like every other 4 month old last Halloween...maybe this year we'll get more creative. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

What? You're going to come after me in the field of construction, too? :-)

Bring it on!

JT said...

"Curious enough to copy and paste into the address bar of your browser?"

Damn skippy. But it will have to wait until I get home, or the C&B Web Police will come after me.

Emma Goldman said...

Yeah, I'll wait until I'm at home, too. I'm off in a corner here, but still. I suspect it would be just the thing that would get someone to decide to wander over and ask a question.