Sunday, May 22, 2005

The lazy end to a lazy day

Other than doing some laundry and feeding the boy, I have done Absolutely Nothing today. Did some blog reading, but hardly anyone is posting this weekend. (What, are you people going outside because it's springtime or something? Sheesh.) Did some crosswords (that's a constant). Read through some magazines (another constant). Contemplated whether it is worthwhile or foolish to venture into crossword construction, when it's so much less effort to solve the crosswords other people have taken the pains to create. Did some e-mailing with various Men of the Crossword World (I have too many crossword pen pals now).

This evening, I was trying to work up the momentum to actually leave the house and buy groceries, when Mr. Tangerine asked, "You want me to go?" Hooray! I can continue doing nothing. So here I am.

Though actually, my day was more productive than that. I finally shaved my legs. And I remeasured my bra size (inspired by yesterday's Oprah show and a best-of post highlighted by Bitch Ph.D.'s guest blogger). GodDAMN, could I really be that far off in my bra size? I gotta go shopping and see if I really have been shorting myself one or two cup sizes. Jeezaloo.

Mr. Tangerine left the TV on, with a barbecue show on the Food Network. This middle-aged woman just got into miming the eating of BBQ pork, her eyes all aglow with enthusiasm. Here is what she said (and read this as if you were your mother's age and terribly excited): "When you pick up that pork, whether it's butt or ribs, and you [close eyes in ecstasy] put it in your mouth, and you bite down on it, you just want all that juice and flavor to explode in your mouth." Why, it's BBQ pornk!

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Charlie said...

I did nothing today, too. Last night I went camping with the fam. This means we drove up to one of those camp sites that have bathrooms and a fire pit. It didn't have electrical hookups, but that's about all it lacked.

But that's okay, because when camping with a two year old and three year old, you don't need any additional artifical hardships added to your life. I can't tell you how many times I said "PLEASE don't lean against the side of the tent!"

Also, this morning when I woke up and walked out of the tent, I noticed that there were three guys fishing by the lake who seemed to be looking at our tent way too hard. Later, I noticed that I was short by three beers. Coincidence? I say no.

BBQ pr0n rules my world.