Tuesday, August 26, 2008

How I blog the DNC

I greatly admire Ted Kennedy and all he has done in the Senate, and was delighted so see him speaking with righteous liberal passion at the Democratic National Convention. He looks surprisingly robust.

Ben's watching with me. He had one question:

"Does he have a neck?"

I cackled.

Kennedy's relative necklessness and expertly wrangled hair (obscuring pretty well his surgical site) all looked fine. But oh, man, it looks like Jimmy Carter blew a blood vessel in his eye. Gruesome! I had that myself earlier this year, only to a lesser degree.


Unknown said...

You should see it from here! We can't get NEAR the city!

Mo said...

Yeah, Jimmy Carter's eye was gruesome, but I loved listening to his cute jokes and his little cackles. Seems like that guy is definitely having some redemption after the licks he took in office. I was amazed that Kennedy's speech had so much punch. I expected a brief appearance, but little more.