Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Wordplay comes to broadcast TV tonight!

If you haven't seen the documentary Wordplay already, but you're up for an entertaining look at crossword puzzles, the people who make them, and the people who like them ("Ooh! Me! Me!"), watch PBS tonight. An airing of Wordplay kicks off the new season of the Independent Lens series.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I come to you via flea. And as I am the only commenter on this post, I am assuming that you and I are the only two big enough geeks in the world to have actually SEEN this documentary. I found it suprisingly exciting!

Orange said...

You kidding, Thistles? The biggest geeks paid $10 to see Wordplay on the big screen last summer! I saw the movie at least six times myself. But then, I appear briefly on screen in it, and am friends with some of the "stars." Love that movie!

Delia Christina said...

i totally saw it! it rocked!
(and i pointed you out, orange, when you flashed onscreen. not that you, you know, flashed but...you know what i mean.)