Friday, October 12, 2007

The cracker speaks out! Honky Pride!

A blogger friend of mine received one of those forwarded e-mails, sent to him by a passing acquaintance who apparently didn't suspect my friend wasn't white—or just didn't care. The e-mail is all about the unfairness of things like the NAACP, Cesar Chavez, and Black History Month, and how the poor, long-suffering white folks just can't catch a break because people will call them racists if they use terms like "camel-jockey." The e-mail and my friend's point-by-point response are here. It's laugh-out-loud funny unless you're, like, a White Pride caveman.

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Delia Christina said...

when i was in a meeting with my boss she showed me an email her boyfriend forwarded to her from a mutual acquaintance of theirs; it was a thinly veiled allegory where people of color were grasshoppers, white people were ants and the grasshoppers ruined life for the ants and erected crackhouses while ants and their families died in the snow and grasshoppers (with their liberal, jewish allies) ate all the food.

it was beyond problematic. the man who sent it is a fairly successful businessman who lives in the burbs around here.

but my two cents: it's good to expose ignorant shit like this but the unintended consequence of all these emails that get sent around is that it allows the hegemony (aka white people) to maintain a blind eye toward their own privilege. one reads the stupid email and things, 'thank god i'm not like that. i'm not a racist.' and they very well might not be; but white privilege never gets questioned and white privilege is the foundation for racism.

anyway. his response was rather amusing.